Types of Sewerage Systems

SK Septics – Providing the Right Sewerage System for Your Property

There are many factors to take into consideration when looking to have a sewerage system installed on your property. At SK Septics, we provide comprehensive site assessments for all of our clients, so we can identify the best options to suit your property layout and soil conditions. There are three main categories of sewerage systems, and we have years of experience installing each type.

Type 1 Sewerage System – Septic-Based System

A Type 1 Sewerage System is the most common type for ideal soil conditions. It consists of an underground container that holds and processes waste, and a distribution disposal field to disperse liquid waste, called effluent. Anaerobic bacteria, which don’t require oxygen, are used in the tank to break down solid waste by roughly 50-60%. This system has the least components and is usually the most cost-friendly.

Type 2 Sewerage System – Secondary Treatment System

A Type 2 Sewerage System is similar to a Type 1 System in the sense that it has a septic tank and distribution disposal field. But unlike a Type 1 System, it has a package water treatment plant between the other two components. The treatment plant introduces oxygen into the system that supports aerobic bacteria, which are highly efficient at breaking down solids in waste water. Type 2 Systems have a cleaner and safer effluent discharge. This system can be great for smaller properties with less space for a disposal field, and for properties where soil conditions are not ideal.

Type 3 Sewerage System – Secondary Treatment System for Difficult Properties

A Type 3 Sewerage System is primarily installed on challenging properties with poor soil conditions. Like a Type 2 System, it utilizes a treatment plant, but it treats the wastewater to a much higher standard and also utilizes a disinfection system. With these systems, the effluent dispersed is quite clear and odourless. A Type 3 System needs to be custom-designed by an engineer. At SK Septics, we’ve worked with many engineers to create high-functioning Type 3 Sewerage Systems.

To find out which sewerage system is right for your property, call SK Septics to book a free consultation.

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